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Exclusively prepared Greek aged hard cheese with intense and spicy taste of sheep’s milk. For grilled or fried dishes or to refine your pasta dish, this cheese is perfect.

Kefalotiri Lesvou

Not a hard cheese and mild saltness, with a rich buttery taste. Comes from a mix of goat and sheep milk.

Kefalotiri Paramythia

Kefalotyri is a very hard, salty yellow cheese made from sheep milk and/or goat’s milk in Greece. In taste it vaguely resembles Gruyere, except it is harder and saltier.

Ladotiri Lesvou

Traditional hard Greek cheese, with a certified name of origin. Produced exclusively on Lesvos, by sheep and goat milk. It has a spicy and hard texture. 250gr & 500gr


Is a traditional Greek cheese with origins dating back to early ancient times. Belongs to the category of soft cheese whey. Manouri is a dairy product, mostly for table consumption and is considered as an ideal in the preparation of appetizers.

Metsovone Fume

Metsovone Fume is a semi-hard smoked pasta filatacheese produced in the region of Metsovo. Metsovone has been a European protected designation of origin since 1996.


Mizithra is a fresh cheese made with milk and whey from sheep and goats. It is a matured salty cheese.


Greek appetizer made of cheese that is dredged in flour, fried or flambéed, garnished with lemon juice, and traditionally served in the same pan in which it is cooked.

Tando Grated Cheese

Typical Greek grated cheese for a rich flavour in all dishes it is being used in.

Traditional Butter

Traditional Greek butter, comes with a strong rich flavor.


A recent addition to the Greek family of cheese, Vlahotiri is a hearty, multi-purpose sheep’s milk cheese. Its holes are slightly larger, and its salt content slightly lower, than Kefalograviera.