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Calliga Rosé

A scintillating color with rainbow hues; an exquisite gardenias-and-roses bouquet; a sweet, fruity mouth-filling experience accentuated by notes of honey and caramel; a long lasting, beckoning after-taste.

Ionos Rosé

Dry, rose wine from selected varieties of Achaia’s high altitude vineyards. Brilliant rose colour with floral and strawberry aromas leading to a well balanced and fruity palate. Delicate rose color with magenta tints. Rich aromatics of unripe forest fruits and white pepper. The palate is complex with refreshing acidity helping to enjoy the food. The aftertaste is fruity and refreshing.

Megapanos Xinomavro

The Xinomavro wine has a very interesting colour. It is somewhere between red and rose (more like a light red) and is strongly characterised by the aromas of sun-dried tomato, green pepper and crushed olive. It possesses a pleasant acidity on the pallet whilst remaining well balanced Presentation

Protopapas Agioritiko Rosé

Full-bodied wine, balanced with velvet touch and long-lasting aftertaste. With flavours generally of flowers and particularly of citrus fruits. Can accompany pizzas, pasta and fruit dishes.

Rose Boutari dry

Bright pink colour, strong aroma of red fruit, dominated by cherry, pleasant palate, restless with a long-lasting aromatic aftertaste. Also served as an aperitif. An excellent companion for pasta dishes, cured meats, white and red roasted meats and cheeses with a subtle fine taste. Versatile, can accompany almost any flavour.

Rose Boutari semi dry

Strong bright rosé colour. Distinct fruity and floral aromas, dominated by rose and cherry. Balanced, pleasant, rich and complex wine. It stands out due to its freshness and cool palate. Served as an aperitif, or with fruit and desserts. It is widely used in Asian cuisine (with sweet and sour dishes)

Vissino Palivou

Agiorgitiko confirms its versatile nature producing apart from full bodied red wines also excellent rose. Aromas of strawberries, cherries and goose berries, combined with citrus aromas. Acidity that refreshes and tones up the palate, fruity aftertaste with discreet tannins. A delicate wine able to accompany any dish.