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Atelier Cavino

Deep red colour, violet hues. Aromatic notes of red fruits, chocolate, vanilla. Full-bodied, balanced with well-processed, mild tannins. The woody notes offer an attractive wine, with a long after-taste. Ideal with pasta, meat stews and yellow cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon Boutari

Impressive ruby red colour, with a rich bouquet of ripe red fruit, plum, cherry and even red pepper elegantly framed by the aromas of ageing, such as smoke and pepper. Balanced, with a rich structure, a strong character and long aromatic aftertaste. Good to be paired with Red meat dishes with a strong taste and yellow cheeses. Meat dishes with vegetables and sweet sauces.

Cabernet Sauvignon Cavino

Dry red wine. Bio-certified. A selection from the best Achaia’s “terroirs” in their best maturity. The grapes are carefully and smoothly handled. The final blending and maturation takes place in the winery. This special wine is revealing the varietal characteristics and the potential of the region. Served at 16-18°C. Accompanies red meat and mature yellow cheeses.

Cava Boutari

Deep red colour with terracotta tints, a rich bouquet from ageing, with distinct aromas of dried fruit, plum, fig, and forest fruit jam. These co-exist with sweet spices, with vanilla dominating. Rich taste, excellent balance, complexity and long aftertaste. Served with red meats, roasted or cooked, game and cheeses.

Cavino Imiglykos

Red colour of good intensity. Aromas of red fruit and jam. Sugary with velvety tannins that maintain a balanced palate. Pleasant, fruity finish. It may be paired with sweet & sour meats and intensely seasoned dishes.

Deus Mavrodaphne Patras

Red colour with terracotta hues. Aromatic notes of dried fruit (plum, fig, raisin). Warm, sweet with notes of tannins that enhance its structure. Ideal with salty dishes (spicy cheese dip), syrup desserts and fruits.

Domain Mega Spileo Red

Deep red color with lively red tints. Complex aromatics of laurel, white pepper, gooseberry marmalade, leather and sweetish wooden background (vanilla, chocolate). Balanced finesse taste with soft tannins. Superb powerful structure supported by great equilibrium of alcohol and acidity. Long and pleasant finish.

Goumenissa Boutari

Intense red colour and a tendency towards violet tints. Rich aroma of ripe fruit (cherry, fig and black currant), blending harmoniously with the aromas of ageing, wood, cinnamon, and enhancing its complexity. Well-structured, with finesse, soft tannins at the finish and a particularly long pleasant aftertaste. Goes well with red roasted meat dishes with sweet sauces and yellow cheeses.

Grande Reserve Naoussa Boutari

A rich wine with a deep red colour and terracotta tints. The sweet aromas of dried fruit, dominated by tomato and fig, blend with the aromas of ageing, like cinnamon, vanilla, wood and spices. A potent wine, with a body characterized by an abundance of mature tannins, a result of the long ageing process. Lasting aftertaste. Best paired with game, red meats and spicy cheeses.

Ionos Red

Red colour of good intensity. Bouquet of red fruit and jam. Balanced flavour with velvety tannins that render structure and nerve. Pleasant, fruity finish. Ideal with plain meat dishes and pasta.

Kretikos Red

Vibrant red colour, pleasant aroma of sweet red fruit, like cherry and strawberry. Mild taste with soft tannins, good acidity, very good balance and aromatic aftertaste. An ideal accompaniment for Mediterranean food, light pasta dishes, red meat and yellow cheeses.

Ktima Protopappas

Full wine of good taste and generally easy to combine with foods. This wine is aged for one year in French oak barrel. You can make out the flavours of Vanilla, clove, pepper and generally spices. It goes well with grilled meats, duck and surprisingly enough with Asian dishes too.