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Nemea Megapanos

Deep red colour with aromas of black cherry and plum together with the discreet presence of cinnamon aromas that have been acquired from aging in barrels of Greek oak, which at the same time softens the tannins and produces a velvety texture. The after taste is very intense with a strong presence of smoky flavours.

Nemea Palivou Estate

Still a dark red color although with a slightly brown brim. Lovely nose with scents of dried leather, dark cherries and blackcurrants, freshly picked herbes de Provence, licorice and humus. Some toasted scents adds depth. On the palate the tannin structure is completely different to the Anemos. Also the acidity reveals the higher altitude fruit. Dark berries, compost, leather and tobacco. Some vanilla. Elegant, quite long finish. The slightly dry tannin feel is first evident…

Nemea Terra Leone Ammos Palivou

Deep, dark and thick colour with intensely fruity nose with cherries, forest fruits and baked raisin in balance with the characters of vanilla, dried fruits and chocolate that comes from the long aging process in the oak barrels. Thick and aggressive tannins that require time to smooth. Undoubtfully a wine that loves bottle and demands aging in cellar to unfold its merits. Goes well with red meat with spicy sauces and steaks.

Nemea: Reserve

Deep purple colour with vibrant red hues. Aromatic notes of red fruit syrup, lavender, dark chocolate. Elegant, with good structure and soft tannins. The finish offers a long after-taste of roasted fruits. Ideal with red meat stews or cheese platters.

Nescafe Frappé

Frappé coffee is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee. Accidentally invented by a Nescafe representative in 1957 in the city of Thessaloniki, it is now the most popular coffee among Greek youth and foreign tourists.

Ouzo Jivaeri Special Collection

Ouzo from Tirnavos. Ouzo is the most famous alcoholic beverage in Greece and this one is more special for it has been distilled three times to be the purest it can be.

Private Collection Antonopoulos

The wine has aromas of ripe fruit, spice and Vanilla. It is medium bodied round and elegant.

Protopapas Agioritiko Rosé

Full-bodied wine, balanced with velvet touch and long-lasting aftertaste. With flavours generally of flowers and particularly of citrus fruits. Can accompany pizzas, pasta and fruit dishes.

Retsina Cambas

Medium pungency and a good Savatiano finish.

Retsina Cavino

Pale yellow colour. Resin and citrus fruit aromas. Light, elegant and cool flavour. Resin aromas dominate the mouth. Ideal with various traditional dishes of the Mediterranean like fried seafood platters or meat platters with fresh vegetables.

Retsina Kechribari

Modern fresh and vibrant Retsina. Yellow-green color, a smooth taste of fresh white fruits and spearmint in combination with an elegant hint of resin, all balanced on the palate, emerges smoothly and lingers on the finish.

Retsina Malamatina

Retsina Malamatina is produced exclusively from the Greek grape varieties of Savatiano and Rhoditis. Vinification follows the white wine-making method under controlled temperatures and by selecting only the “mosto yema” or “flower must” from the grapes to achieve the wine’s unique colour, aroma, flavour and quality. The quality of Retsina Malamatina is assured by the state-of-the-art winery facilities, which are fully automated with mechanical equipment of the latest technology. The addition of a small amount…