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Pickles from Ktima Barba-Giannis

Pitta bread

Pitta bread 18cm or 21cm for special for Gyros ect.


Pollen originally from Greece.

Private Collection Antonopoulos

The wine has aromas of ripe fruit, spice and Vanilla. It is medium bodied round and elegant.

Protopapas Agioritiko Rosé

Full-bodied wine, balanced with velvet touch and long-lasting aftertaste. With flavours generally of flowers and particularly of citrus fruits. Can accompany pizzas, pasta and fruit dishes.

Red Peppers

Red peppers from Ktima Barba-Giannis

Red-Yellow Peppers

Red-yellow peppers from Ktima Barba-Giannis

Retsina Cambas

Medium pungency and a good Savatiano finish.

Retsina Cavino

Pale yellow colour. Resin and citrus fruit aromas. Light, elegant and cool flavour. Resin aromas dominate the mouth. Ideal with various traditional dishes of the Mediterranean like fried seafood platters or meat platters with fresh vegetables.

Retsina Kechribari

Modern fresh and vibrant Retsina. Yellow-green color, a smooth taste of fresh white fruits and spearmint in combination with an elegant hint of resin, all balanced on the palate, emerges smoothly and lingers on the finish.