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Traditional Sheep Yogurt

Traditional Greek sheep yogurt from Tempi, has a rich taste and is high in protein.

Tsipouro With Anys

Tsipouro with anys

Tsipouro Without Anys

Tsipouro without anys

Tsoureki Biscotti 500gr

Easter Tsoureki Biscotti 500gr


Tzatziki, comes also in 2kg

Vines Leaves

Ready for use vine leaves from Ktima Barba-Giannis

Vissino Palivou

Agiorgitiko confirms its versatile nature producing apart from full bodied red wines also excellent rose. Aromas of strawberries, cherries and goose berries, combined with citrus aromas. Acidity that refreshes and tones up the palate, fruity aftertaste with discreet tannins. A delicate wine able to accompany any dish.


A recent addition to the Greek family of cheese, Vlahotiri is a hearty, multi-purpose sheep’s milk cheese. Its holes are slightly larger, and its salt content slightly lower, than Kefalograviera.