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Cretan Rusks

Cretan meze consisting of a slice of soaked dried bread or barley rusk (paximadi) perfect to be topped with chopped tomatoes and crumbled feta or mizithra cheese, and flavoured with herbs such as dried oregano. Olives and pepper can also be added.

Deus Mavrodaphne Patras

Red colour with terracotta hues. Aromatic notes of dried fruit (plum, fig, raisin). Warm, sweet with notes of tannins that enhance its structure. Ideal with salty dishes (spicy cheese dip), syrup desserts and fruits.

Deus Muscat Samos

Golden colour. Its aroma is strong and impressive. Notes of dried fruit (apricot, peach) and muscat. Warm, sweet flavour with intense mouth. Ideal with a variety of desserts and fruits.


Greek Dolma, comes also in 2kg

Domain Mega Spileo Red

Deep red color with lively red tints. Complex aromatics of laurel, white pepper, gooseberry marmalade, leather and sweetish wooden background (vanilla, chocolate). Balanced finesse taste with soft tannins. Superb powerful structure supported by great equilibrium of alcohol and acidity. Long and pleasant finish.

Dried Beans

Greek dry beans

Dried Nuts

From almonds to cashews, passing from hazelnuts. We have a wide variety and range of dried nuts produced in Greece.

Eggplant Salad

Eggplant salad, comes also in 2kg

Elainos Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt

Elainos Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt from Kalamata

Elpis Salad Oil 5lt

80% sunflower oil, 20% olive oil, perfect for salads or cooking

Feta Dodoni

Tasty, nutritious, nourishing with its white colour Feta Dodoni is renowned for its high and consistent quality that has conquered Greek and foreign consumers and has received many awards from national and international bodies.

Feta Kopadi

The Kopadi feta is produced from fresh pasteurized Greek goat and sheep milk according to the traditional recipe. Feta matures in brine and is characterized by its consistent quality and rich flavour.