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Feta Paramythia

Feta cheese from the island of Kerkyra. Strong and rich taste is what makes this particular feta cheese distinguish itself.

Feta Tempi

The Tempi feta is produced from fresh pasteurized Greek goat and sheep milk according to the traditional recipe. Feta matures in brine and is characterized by its consistent quality and rich flavour.

Fix Beer 330ml

Fix Beer 330ml


A hard cheese made exclusively from goat cheese, has a rich taste and smell, very good to be accompanied with wines.

Goat Feta

Greek Feta cheese made exclusively from goat milk. The taste is stronger than the mixed milk feta cheeses, and has a harder texture too, less buttery.

Goumenissa Boutari

Intense red colour and a tendency towards violet tints. Rich aroma of ripe fruit (cherry, fig and black currant), blending harmoniously with the aromas of ageing, wood, cinnamon, and enhancing its complexity. Well-structured, with finesse, soft tannins at the finish and a particularly long pleasant aftertaste. Goes well with red roasted meat dishes with sweet sauces and yellow cheeses.

Grande Reserve Naoussa Boutari

A rich wine with a deep red colour and terracotta tints. The sweet aromas of dried fruit, dominated by tomato and fig, blend with the aromas of ageing, like cinnamon, vanilla, wood and spices. A potent wine, with a body characterized by an abundance of mature tannins, a result of the long ageing process. Lasting aftertaste. Best paired with game, red meats and spicy cheeses.

Graviera Lesvou

A rich blend of cheese and notes of almond nuts give this particular cheese a great buttery and spicy taste. Comes from a blend of sheep and goat cheese.

Graviera Paramythia

Graviera is Greece’s second most popular after feta, made from sheep’s milk and ripened for at least five months. It is slightly sweet, with a pleasant burnt caramel flavor.

Greek Coffee

Unfiltered coffee. To be prepared the traditional way.

Greek Yogurt

The traditional Greek strained yogurt. Greek yogurt contains a higher protein density than regular yogurt.